Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Cruel Pool Summer

Rules are racist, or something:
At the top of the problematic poster are the words “Be Cool, Follow the Rules,” with depictions of children playing underneath. Some of the white children in the drawing are labeled with an arrow pointing toward them and praised for behaving “cool,” while some children of color have an arrow pointing toward them as they push white children, break pool safety rules, and behave in a “not cool” manner.

The Red Cross Hospital also released a lengthy statement apologizing for the water safety poster. “The American Red Cross appreciates and is sensitive to the concerns raised regarding one of the water safety posters we produced,” the hospital’s statement to NBCBLK said, adding, “We deeply apologize for any misunderstanding, as it was absolutely not our intent to offend anyone. As one of the nation’s oldest and largest humanitarian organizations, we are committed to diversity and inclusion in all that we do, every day.”
All rule-breakers will now be treated equally...

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