Friday, June 10, 2016

Electric Nightmares

Don't talk about Tesla:
Automotive blogger and Bloomberg View writer, Edward Niedermeyer, broke a story on his blog, the Daily Kanban, about a potential suspension safety issue with Tesla vehicles. Within a day, Tesla responded to Niedermeyer by name and in part by trying to attack the messenger.

“I would say I’m more disappointed than surprised by Tesla’s response,” Niedermeyer told Breitbart News. “It’s a pretty typical diversionary PR tactic that’s not going to work because there is a lot more to this story that will be coming out.”

“If you say anything even remotely critical about Tesla or Elon, no matter how true, the Tesla groupies dismiss you as being either a shill for big-oil or a Tesla short seller,” Niedermeyer said. “It’s really getting old and it’s not even good for Tesla.”
Kind of like their business...

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