Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Incompetent Competence

Are you competent enough...for political correctness?
The university has announced that it will require about 1,000 incoming students to participate in “cultural competency training” this fall, at a cost ranging between $150,000 and $200,000, according to the Wisconsin State Journal.

The announcement follows a semester of student protests over “racially charged incidents at UW-Madison that officials say may have been driven by ignorance rather than malice,” according to the Wisconsin State Journal.

The training will address “topics such as identity, culture and micro-aggressions,” the newspaper reported.

The State Journal defines the term “microsaggressions” as “seemingly minor or unintentional slights that contribute to a hostile atmosphere for people of color.”

While the training may be limited to about 1,000 students this fall, it will be mandatory for all incoming students by next year, the State Journal reported. The report did not say how much the expanded program might cost in the future.
Only a generation's sanity...

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