Monday, June 13, 2016

Meteor Shower On Demand

It's the age of the man-made meteor shower:
If an event production firm called ALE Co. has its way, an artificial meteor shower will begin, a spray of tiny manufactured objects falling from space and igniting in the Earth’s atmosphere upon reentry.

These artificial meteors will be dropped by satellite.

Mixed in amongst the television signals and invisible communications relays bouncing down from space will be minuscule particles, only a few millimeters in size, made from elements such as lithium, calcium, strontium, rubidium, and copper, each of which releases a different hue when burned. Think of it as a thousand Olympic torches, falling from an otherworldly height—in the process, revealing the global ubiquity of satellites.

Usually ignored and rarely contemplated, this ultra-high-altitude realm of orbiting spacecraft will be given a newly incandescent role, releasing storms of light and color for nearly 30 million people in the Tokyo region to see—before disappearing again into darkness, where they normally reside.
Space fireworks?

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