Thursday, June 16, 2016

Not Smart Enough For The Room

Sorry, you still can't be a lawyer:
Tamara Wyche claims that ever since sustaining a head injury in an ATV accident in 2009, she has suffered from a host of cognitive problems that seem as though they would make it very difficult to be an effective lawyer. Among her alleged disabilities are a panic disorder, a reading disorder, memory problems, difficulty concentrating for extended periods, and a cognitive impairment that makes her struggle with complex abstract problems. Because of her various impairments, along with a major spell of depression, Wyche took five years to complete law school.

Despite her troubles with reading, thinking, and remembering, Wyche says she would have had an excellent legal career if she’d simply received proper accommodations from the New York State Board of Bar Examiners the first two times she sat for the New York bar exam. Wyche said she should have received 50 percent more time on the exam, her own private testing room, and special untimed breaks during the exam itself in order to compensate for her disabilities. Wyche said she received all of these accommodations during her time at Harvard, as well as a special exemption from being cold-called in class (a major component of Harvard’s legal education).

Instead, the first time she took the test, in July 2013,Wyche only received a smaller testing room (which still had other test-takers in it) and untimed breaks, without being given extra exam time. She failed, in part because of a panic attack she says she suffered during the exam. On her second attempt in July 2014, Wyche was given extra time and a smaller room, but no special untimed breaks. She failed again. Wyche only managed to pass the bar on her third attempt, during which she was given double time.
On the other hand, she might be qualified for government...

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