Sunday, June 26, 2016

Old And In the Way

Sorry, old people, President Obama hates you, too:
The president’s Medicare reforms make it harder for seniors to get joint replace­ments. His new payment rules short­change doctors, discour­ag­ing them from accept­ing Medicare in the first place. New ER rules clobber seniors with bills for “obser­va­tion care.” Under ObamaCare, hospi­tals get bonuses for spend­ing less per senior, despite having higher death rates and infec­tion rates.

Expect the Medicare Trustees’ annual report, due out Wednes­day, to ignore these problems.

Obama’s latest assault is a 962-page regula­tion dictat­ing how doctors treat patients. Precious minutes with your doctor are wasted complet­ing manda­tory reports for the federal govern­ment, and your ailment gets short shrift.

Physi­cians are glued to computer screens, follow­ing prompts, seldom making eye contact with patients. Renowned New York cardi­ol­o­gist Jeffrey Borer’s fed up: “I need to inter­act with my patients.”

“Doctors who want to provide individ­u­al­ized care” will have to “either opt out of Medicare or simply not comply,” explains Richard Amerling, past presi­dent of the Ameri­can Associ­a­tion of Physi­cians and Surgeons.
If you like your old age, you may not be able to afford to keep it...

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