Friday, June 24, 2016

Rocky Mountain Buy

Colrado decides to replace what doesn't work with...what doesn't work:
Support­ers hope that if Amend­ment 69, known as Colorado­Care, passes, other states will follow.

“The way to get here is state by state,” accord­ing to T.R. Reid, spokesman for Colorado­Care and author of “The Healing of America.”

“That’s how we got female suffrage, child labor laws, inter­ra­cial marriage, marijuana. One state does it and the other states see that it works and it spreads.”

Propo­nents believe Colorado is the perfect testing ground for this issue because its consti­tu­tion is far easier to amend than most other states. They cite the passage in 2012 of an amend­ment legal­iz­ing recre­ational marijuana despite the opposi­tion of nearly every elected official in the state.

“People trust us to take ideas and make them work,” Reid said, “and we can make this work and then the whole country will finally provide health care for every­body.”
Socialism, state by state?

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