Friday, June 17, 2016

The Creeps

When Democrats get creepy:
The wife of candidate Phil Oliva said she caught state Democratic operative Yougourthen Ayouni peering into the windows of their family home in the Westchester County town of Somers.

“He was hunched over looking inside,” Jessica Oliva told The Post. “I’m always breast-feeding. It’s scary. Do we have to have a police officer stationed outside our house?”

The Oliva family filed a harassment incident report with the Somers Police Department against Ayouni — who was fired by New York Democratic Party officials when news of his heavy-handed tactics was revealed.

“It’s behavior that is unacceptable to us and will not be tolerated. He’s been fired,” said the state party’s executive director, Basil Smikle.
Unfortunately, there are others who will always take his place...

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