Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Trumping The Judge

Why Donald Trump still wins:
The whole disgusting imbroglio reveals, once again, the secret to Mr. Trump’s political success in the present cesspool of Washington politics. No matter how outrageous, how nasty, how disqualifying Mr. Trump’s words and deeds can be at times, nothing he can offer up comes anywhere close to the festering, rotten carnage left in the wake of dishonest professional politicians over the last few decades.

They are the ones who have left our borders in complete shambles. They have made an utter mockery of our laws. And they have made our federal judiciary into a laughingstock.

And, worst of all, the professional pols’ slavish devotion to demographics and identity politics in every matter means they never stop peddling soft racism. They celebrate their strange racism at every turn. And if you balk at participating in it, they will loudly denounce you as a racist.
Sometimes the truth can be ugly, especially when its revealed against the other side...

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