Tuesday, June 14, 2016

It's Just Business

Who doesn't want to join?
The New York regional office of the National Labor Relations Board, the top federal agency that oversees labor law and union elections, ruled that Communication Workers of America Local 1109 committed an unfair labor practice in reaction to an effort to decertify the union.

“By threatening to sue employees for their activities in soliciting signatures for a decertification petition Respondent Communication Workers of America Local 1109, AFL–CIO has engaged in unfair labor practices affecting commerce,” administrative law judge Mindy Landow said in the ruling.

A union official confronted one of three workers who solicited member signatures on a petition to withdraw from the union at a company barbecue. The woman insisted that “people signed [the petition] of their own fruition,” leading the union official to threaten her.

“I just want you to understand, to be perfectly clear that CWA we’re probably going to personally sue y’all,” the official said.

“It’s not y’all. Y’all are suing Cablevision. I don’t give a f--- about Cablevision,” the worker responded.

“No, no, we’re not going after Cablevision, we’re going after y’all personally,” the official responded.
Y'all wanna stay, don't ya?

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