Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Angry Snakes On A Plane

Why are people so angry when they fly?
Some 10,854 incidents were reported to IATA by its member airlines in 2015, equating to one every 1,205 flights. That’s up from 9,316 incidents, or one every 1,282 flights, the previous year, the industry group said Wednesday.
The majority of cases involved verbal abuse, failure to follow lawful crew instructions and other forms of anti-social behavior, while 11 percent featured physical aggression toward passengers or crew, or damage to the aircraft.
Intoxication was identified as a factor in 23 percent of cases, and in most instances alcohol was consumed prior to boarding or from a personal supply rather than bought -- or handed out -- on the plane.
Rage doesn't work well at 30,000 feet...

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