Monday, September 26, 2016

Romney's Last Win

That moment when Mitt Romney actually won:
Obama hated debates, his former speechwriter Jon Favreau recalled in a recent column for The Ringer. The President viewed them as phony gladiator matches and "a highly subjective test of style and demeanor over substance and accuracy."
And it showed in his wince-worthy performance that night, his annoyance at having his record challenged, his disengagement, all magnified by the split screen images of the two candidates.
"In the green room, we were on our feet, hooting and hollering; like watching an early Tyson fight," recalled Will Ritter, a Republican strategist who was Romney's 2012 director of advance. "Gov. Romney humbled the sitting president who was too arrogant to prepare."
Obama hasn't changed much, has he?

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