Friday, September 16, 2016

Who Birthed Whom?

Hillary went there first:
Among other pieces of evidence, John Nolte pointed out that the Wall Street Journal’s David Weigel took an in-depth look at the origins of the rumors that President Obama is a practicing Muslim who was not born in America. What Weigel found and re-reported included a 2007 bombshell memo from the Clinton campaign’s chief strategist, Mark Penn.

Nolte sums up the facts of the Clinton campaign’s birther rumors as follows:

More than a full year before anyone would hear of Orly Taitz, the Birther strategy was first laid out in the Penn memo.
The “othering” foundation was built subliminally by the Clinton campaign itself.
Democrats and Clinton campaign surrogates did the dirtiest of the dirty work: openly spread the Birther lies.
Staffers in Hillary’s actual campaign used email to spread the lies among other Democrats (this was a Democrat primary after all — so that is the only well you needed to poison a month before a primary).
The campaign released the turban photo.
Hillary herself used 60 Minutes to further stoke the story.
Those who troll, get rolled...

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