Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Fish Freeze

Who wants frozen fish?
The park showed pictures of some fish half-submerged into the ice with their mouths open and other fish arranged into arrows and other shapes.

The photos had captions such as, “I am d… d… drowning, s … s… suffocating.”

Online commenters flooded the site with negative reviews.

“What were you people thinking, to use dead fish to decorate a playground?” said one commenter, who added the rink was “disrespectful of life.”

“This really makes me upset. Do you think children are happy to see this fish in skate rink?” Miura Tsubasa commented.

Space World manager Toshimi Takeda said he has received a deluge of negative reactions after the attraction was broadcast on national television, and he apologized for the project.

“We were shocked to hear the reaction as the ice skate rink was very popular since it opened two weeks ago, we had an unprecedented number of visitors,” he said to CNN.
On the positive side-extra fish fry?

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