Sunday, November 27, 2016

Herd Politics

And you thought our elections were nasty:
“Dostum came there and he walked around the stadium, then he called Ahmad Ishchi over to him,” said Gulab Khan, a relative of Mr. Ishchi who was present at the game along with about 5,000 other spectators. “After talking with him for a couple of minutes, he punched him and his bodyguards started beating him with AK-47s. They beat Ahmad very badly and in a barbaric way.”

General Dostum’s act, while not unexpected for a former warlord with a history of accusations of human rights violations and abuse (including physical acts of retaliation against allies and rivals), confirms the worst fears about someone a heartbeat from the presidency.

With President Ashraf Ghani traveling abroad on an official visit to Central Asia, General Dostum is technically the acting president of the country. For more than two days, he has held a political rival hostage in one of his properties, with family members increasingly concerned about Mr. Ishchi’s health.
If you can't beat 'em, kidnap 'em...

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