Friday, November 25, 2016

Jurassic Hatchery

Where they keep dinosaur eggs in China:
Painstakingly avoiding major excavation, large rocks from local rivers and creeks were used to support the foundation of the museum. “It is a building that is modest to the site, honest to the history and respectful to the archaeological excavation,” the architects said in a press release. “The unaltered natural field and 800-year-old ancient trees are the main landscape features, which echoes the natural and minimalistic design principles of the architecture.”
For the Wuhan HUST team, environmental considerations were the priority for the project given its scientific value, so only locally-sourced materials were used in construction. The exterior features bamboo-textured walls, made by molding cast-in-place over repurposed scaffolding. Incorporating the traditional materials is an innovative way to create the geometric space while still paying homage to curving roof tiles used on old buildings in China.
On the care and keeping of ancient eggs...

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