Monday, November 28, 2016

Le Fillon Revolution?

France will soon get a new President, but what kind?
His programme for national revival is fundamentally based on his economic policy proposals, which by French standards are some of the strongest medicine ever prescribed.

They involve €100bn in government spending cuts over five years, with the loss of 500,000 public sector jobs. Mr Fillon would also raise VAT by two percentage points, scrap the 35-hour working week in the public sector and gradually increase the retirement age to 65. Coupled with all this would be €50bn in tax breaks for companies.

These are detailed proposals which are already drawing savage attacks from the National Front.

Although the far right’s economic ideas are more extreme, relying on a heavy dose of economic nationalism, protectionism and leaving the EU, Ms Le Pen could attract votes by promising to defend jobs and by denouncing Mr Fillon as the French incarnation of bloodsucking Anglo-American capitalism.
Either way, it looks like another era in the EU is coming to an end...

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