Saturday, November 19, 2016

No Ellison, No Way?

Keith Ellison isn't their guy:
Opponents cite Ellison’s effort to insert anti-Israel and pro-Palestinian planks into the Democrat Party platform at this summer’s Democrat Convention. They also worry about his history of support for extreme anti-Semite Louis Farrakhan, the leader of the Nation of Islam.

“[H]is vile beliefs… ought to disqualify him outright,” consultant Joel Mowbray said. “If Chuck Schumer actually did his due diligence and is supporting Ellison anyway, that’s shameful.”

Several prominent Democratic leaders told New York City’s CBS affiliate that “they are upset with Schumer for backing Ellison, who has been highly critical of Israel.”

So far few moderates have come to the side of Ellison.
Very few, it seems...

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