Sunday, November 20, 2016

The Loser's Page

The campaign is over...or is it?
The website “” still looks very similar to what it looked like before President-elect Donald Trump bested Clinton and won the presidency. Upon accessing the page, users are greeted with a promotional montage showing the long road of her campaign.

Visitors can “chip in today” by donating to the campaign. “We’re counting on our best supporters like you to help us stand up to Trump and the GOP,” the contribution form reads.

The “Shop” page still seems to be providing a “last chance to get your piece of history.”

Certain virtual links like “Volunteer” and “Help from Home” either redirect users back to the homepage or are now unavailable.

One perceptible difference in the website is a black and white image captioned “Thank you” that directs visitors to a personal article written by Clinton.
The ghosts of a campaign can be hard to lay to rest...

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