Thursday, November 17, 2016

The Outside Man

Lobbyists need not apply:
RNC spokesman Sean Spicer said on Wednesday night that Trump will make sure any new government official joining his team would terminate their role as either state or federal lobbyists before joining the administration. All of the appointees will be required to sign a document expressing that they do not currently have any lobbyist ties and they will not engage in state or federal lobbying within 5 years after leaving the Trump team.

Trump’s transition team has been marred with reports of internal conflict, most notably between former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and Trump’s son-in-law and real estate businessman Jared Kushner. Vice President-elect Mike Pence recently took over leadership of the team, officially submitting paperwork late Tuesday certifying his position as head of the transition team.Once in charge of the team, reports surfaced that Pence rid the new team of any lobbyists.

Spicer said, “It goes back to Mr. Trump’s goal of making sure people aren’t using government to enrich themselves.” He added that anyone serving in the administration won’t be able to use the position to “enrich themselves.”
The gravy train stops here?

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