Thursday, November 17, 2016

Their World Order

Trump or no Trump, Obama and Merkel insist that the global world order is here to stay:
“Today we find ourselves at a crossroads — the future is upon us, and we will never return to a pre-globalization economy. As Germans and Americans we must seize the opportunity to shape globalization based on our values and our ideas,” Obama and Merkel wrote in the article published in the German newspaper Handelsblatt.

Merkel during her remarks at the press conference said something similar when speaking about “progress” with trade between the United States and Germany. “I think we share this conviction is that globalization needs to be shaped politically. It needs to be given a human face, but we cannot fall back into pre-globalization times.”

There has been a surge of populism in the West in 2016 fighting against globalization. Obama will be replaced by President-elect Donald Trump, who has campaigned against globalization, and Merkel is facing political challenges at home.
It would seem that the people disagree with their sentiments...

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