Sunday, November 20, 2016

The Restaurant At The Top Of The World

What it's like to eat on Mount Everest:
The Nepal dinner party is one of 20 stops on chef James Sharman’s One Star House Party tour, which kicked off in Beijing this fall.
It’s an ambitious two-year adventure that will take Sharman to major cities around the world, where he and four friends will host pop-up events catered to local flavors and cuisines.
For the fourth stop, guests will have to earn their dinner.
After setting off from Kathmandu, Nepal, a group of 15 guests will embark on a two-week trek to the base of Mount Everest, where they will then sit down to a dinner party prepared by a chef who has worked in the kitchen at Copenhagen’s Noma, ranked the best restaurant in the world four times by Restaurant magazine.
If you're going to climb the mountain, why not get catering while doing it?

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