Thursday, December 01, 2016

Baby, You Might Drive Your Car

Change, Saudi style:
Writing in his personal website, Bin Talal said the spirit of the times “oblige us to make a political decision on the matter and allow female citizens to get a license and be able to drive.”

He said that as a result, the country’s society and economy will prosper, and many Saudi families will save a lot of money that is now spent on about one million foreign chauffeurs.

“In addition, these women will be spared the sin of forbidden dwelling [in the same car with the driver, in their husbands’ absence],” he wrote.

However, he added, restrictions should be imposed on women drivers, such as “banning them from driving in rural areas, restricting their right to drive private cars only, as well as employing women as transport police officers, to attend to road accidents involving women.”
Careful. Next they'll be wanting the right to vote...

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