Saturday, December 03, 2016

Exit Effect

It continues, this time in Italy:
While ostensibly about constitutional reform, the referendum has been billed as a “choice between liberalism and populism,” or between the Euro-friendly establishment and a Euroskeptic neo-nationalism.

This Sunday “could change the lives of your children,” Renzi told a rally in his home city of Florence on Friday.

Quoting Barack Obama, Renzi said that the “great message” of the American President is “Yes we can,” which Renzi applied to his proposed Constitutional reforms.

On November 18, Italian authorities imposed a blackout on the publication of polls, but private polls suggest that the “No” vote is the clear favorite in Sunday’s vote. In laying out odds, bookmakers have predicted a 75 percent chance of a win for the “No” vote.
The Eurocrats do seem upset over this whole democratic vote thing...

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