Saturday, December 03, 2016

Holding On To What They've Got

Democrats want to keep control:
Harry Reid and President Obama are circulating a petition to remove the hold on FCC Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel so that she can be reconfirmed before Congress recesses next week.

Phil Kerpen ✔ @kerpen
This is so insane that the Senate might force a Democratic FCC onto President Trump. It's almost surreal.
12:50 PM - 2 Dec 2016
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If Obama and the Senate Democrats successfully reconfirm Rosenworcel, the FCC will remain in Democratic control during President-elect Trump’s administration. Her reconfirmation would block Trump’s ability to nominate both Jamison and Eisenach.

Phil Kerpen ✔ @kerpen
We're working on an @AmerComm action page ASAP. This cannot stand.
Phil Kerpen ✔ @kerpen
Don’t let the Senate force a Democratic FCC on President Trump via @AmerComm:
2:17 PM - 2 Dec 2016
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This will not end well...

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