Saturday, December 10, 2016

Intruder Alert

What it's like to swim with jellyfish:
Located in Palau (an island nation that’s part of the Micronesian subregion), this unique body of water was cut off from the ocean during the Miocene era (20-5 million years ago), trapping the aquatic wildlife along with it. Since then, the species, particularly golden jellyfish, have evolved considerably compared to neighboring ones. The golden jellyfish population exploded due to its isolation from natural predators. Now, millions of the invertebrates migrate across the 14-acre lake daily.
Knowing this, Kien Lam headed to Palau to experience what is known as “Jellyfish Lake” firsthand. What makes his resulting video so unique, aside from its aesthetics, is the absence of any other tourists.
"Human! Everyone out of the pool!"

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