Saturday, December 10, 2016

Sleeping In Stages

Can you sleep in segments?
The concept of sleeping in short bursts has spread since those races began, in the 1960s. Today, a small global community of people practices “polyphasic sleeping,” based on the idea that by partitioning your sleep into segments, you can get away with less of it.

Though it is possible to train oneself to sleep in spurts instead of a single nightly block, Dinges says it does not seem possible to train oneself to need less sleep per 24-hour cycle. And he notes that even for the 1 percent (or so) who can survive on less sleep and function well cognitively, we still don’t know how the practice might be affecting metabolism, mood, and myriad other factors. “You may be cheerful, but not cognitively fit. Or you may be cognitively fit, but hard to be around because you’re pushy or hyperactive.”
You do need your beauty rest, but what about ugly sleep?

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