Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Dining In

Where do the leftists eat, when they make everyone leave?
There are certainly a variety of factors contributing to the squeeze in the restaurant industry. One is rising rents, as technology companies move from suburban Silicon Valley to the cities, lured by tax incentives and by the desire to be closer to workers who opt for urban lifestyles and dislike long commutes. Another factor is that many tech companies are installing their own cafeterias in order to keep employees on the premises. That means less dining out — and a smaller restaurant customer base.

The high cost of living in the Bay Area is another major factor, making it difficult to find workers nearby who are willing to work for the entry-level wages that restaurants can afford to offer. Low unemployment also means a labor shortage, the Times points out, which means those workers who do live nearby generally have more attractive employment options.

But higher mandatory minimum wages certainly have not helped. That is a fact the Bay Area’s left-wing votes may not be willing to face.
Let them eat wage hikes...

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