Friday, January 27, 2017

Early Delivery

The media seem flummoxed by the idea that President Trump is actually doing what he said he would:
President Obama famously said that "elections have consequences" in explaining to Republicans why he was moving forward with a nearly $1 trillion stimulus plan and his signature healthcare bill.

Now Trump is showing Washington and the world the truth of Obama's words.

During the campaign, Trump’s critics dismissed his ambitious agenda as rhetoric that he’d back away from once in office.

If candidate Trump beat the odds and made it to the White House, they said, the Trump Show will surely grind to a halt once he’s confronted with the realities of governing.

It hasn't turned out like that at all.

“Enough all talk, no action. We have to deliver,” Trump told Republican lawmakers Thursday. “This is our chance to achieve great and lasting change for our beloved nation.”
It remains to be seen how long this will last, but, as he said, it's for the people, not the powers that be...

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