Sunday, January 29, 2017

Protest Triggers

Not exactly the way to get along with your neighbors:
Someone took a photo of the the two-story Oshkosh duplex last Saturday and put it on social media, where the photo quickly went viral and drew outrage, Fox News reported.

Rosangela Diaz, a mother of four, said she did not know about the flag until she she saw a post on Facebook about it.

Her neighbor, who has not been identified, said he flew the flag to make a “political statement” against Trump.

Diaz, who is Hispanic and whose husband is black, has been threatened ever since the flag went up.

She said that people have been threatening to burn down their home and that someone slashed their tires.

“We’ve had people knocking on our door. Two men approached my kids on the street. I can’t get out of here fast enough,” Diaz told Fox News.
Next time, try a different flag?

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