Sunday, January 22, 2017

The Madness Of Crowd Sizes

While Donald Trump picks a fight with the press over his inauguration attendance, other people are pointing out the real purpose of the mob:
It started when Sellers and Concerned Women for America CEO Penny Nance got in an argument about the inclusiveness of the march. (RELATED: These Are Some Of The Craziest Signs From The Women’s March)

“The Democratic Party is hollowed out. We did lose 1,000 seats. We did lose governor’s mansions, no question about it,” Sellers said. “The fact is that people came out today in something that we haven’t seen in this country or around this world in a very long period of time. This is not anti-Trump. This is pro-America.”

Nance shot back, saying the march was not inclusive to all women and bringing up the March for Life that occurs each year in D.C.

“March for life, been going on for 43 years, will have about, 400,000, 500,000, next weekend,” she said. “[I] will need all of you back here to have the same conversation next weekend, because that [March for Life] is ignored on a regular basis. This is not new.”

She then brought up the fact that it shouldn’t have been “called a women’s march,” because pro-life women were not included.

That’s when Sellers laughed and corrected Nance, saying it wasn’t about women at all.
Sexism, like racism, and liberalism go well together...

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