Sunday, January 29, 2017

The Wrath Of Kaine

Tim Kaine goes there:
“He demonstrated complete confusion about what the order did because he went back and forth in the interview with you over whether it did or did not affect green card holders,” Kaine said to Chuck Todd. “It does affect green card holders and they’re being caught up in it.”

“It affects people on special immigrant visas like interpreters who’ve helped the U.S. military in foreign countries,” he continued, “and now their lives are at risk and so we’ve given them a special status to come to this country. Who would help the United States if they knew we would abandon them when they’re trying to come here? It’s a religious test, as you pointed out. It imposes a different burden on Muslims than others. And the irony is not lost on me that it was issued the same day as the White House issued their Holocaust Remembrance Day proclamation that unlike any previous administration removed all reference to Jews. So you put a religious test on Muslims and you try to scrub reference to Jews in the Holocaust Remembrance. This was horribly, horribly mishandled. So it’s not a pause in…”
Never let a religion card go to waste...

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