Wednesday, February 08, 2017

Chaos, Not Change

No, the Tea Party and the Trump "resistance" are not the same:
There is no equivalence whatsoever. The Tea Party showed up at town halls to be heard; the “Resistance” is showing up to stop people from being heard. Moreover, they are doing so against a background of lies by the Democratic Party, which is sowing fear with defamatory e-mail campaigns warning supporters about a “white supremacist” presence in the White House, complete with the sort of “targeting” imagery the media belatedly complained about after the Tucson mass shooting in 2011.

There is a path back to political relevance, and perhaps political power, for the left. It is simple: find policies and messages that appeal to the sort of voters who once backed Obama but switched to Donald Trump last November.

Instead, Democrats and their “base” are feeding each other’s hysteria, talking about impeachment as the media openly imagine the assassination of the new president.
The Tea Party was made up of adults. The Left's response is being run by spoiled children.

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