Saturday, February 11, 2017

Doctor's Orders

Please excuse this patient from the Jihad:
One Belgian militant had a medical note saying he had “back pain” and would not join the battle, according to the documents reported by the Washington Post.

Another foreign fighter from Kosovo said he had “head pain.” He and another Kosovar asked to move to Syria.

Another from France said he wanted to leave Iraq to carry out a suicide attack at home, several requested transfers to Syria, and some just refused to fight.

The stashes were found by Iraqi forces after they took over an ISIS base in Mosul, the terrorists’ embattled stronghold in Iraq.

“There are fighters who don’t want to fight or who are making excuses and want to leave the country, [the records] are indicators that are useful to us and they provide some insight into the state of the enemy,” the spokesman for the U.S.-led coalition Air Force Col. John Dorrian told reporters at the Pentagon on Wednesday.
Fighting infidels just doesn't sound as fun as they thought it would be...

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