Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Fake News Need Not Ask

So now the people who already don't like Trump are in a snit because he won't call on them:
“Calling on only conservative press who refuse to press [President Donald Trump] about his Russia connections is not freedom of the press,” USA Today senior politics reporter Heidi Przybyla tweeted after the two reporters were called on.

CNN’s Jim Acosta said after the press conference, “There’s no other way to describe it but: The fix is in.” Boston Globe Washington bureau chief Matt Viser said Trump not getting asked about alleged Russian connections was a “blow to the press.”

Acosta’s colleague Jim Sciutto tweeted, “One way to avoid hard questions on Trump admin [Russia] ties? Call on CBN & a conservative website.” NBC’s national correspondent Peter Alexander said that the reporters called on by didn’t ask any “real questions.”

However, the questions from the conservative reporters got Trump to make news and say that he wants Israel to stop building settlements and that the “fake media” is after him. BuzzFeed News political editor Katherine Miller commented on Twitter, “Am I missing something or have most of the questions from conservative outlets/broadcasters been fine or good?”
Real questions usually are...

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