Sunday, February 26, 2017

Freedom Up North

Mark Steyn stands for free speech:
He didn’t spare environmentalists and the “cartoon climatology” extremists like Canadian activist David Suzuki who “want to lock-up everybody who doesn’t agree with him. There are other people who think you should be killed for disagreeing with them.”

Steyn referenced the burgeoning refugee crisis on the border with the U.S., suggesting that Canada was becoming a nation that was losing its identity: “when no one is illegal then no one is legal.”

Turning his attention to the increasing political correctness at universities in North America, Steyn ridiculed the tendency for academic institutions to “create another safe space” every time they object to something a student says.

He decried he lack of discussion at colleges, saying that “fewer people think there should be a difference of opinion but only one opinion on every issue…only weak ideas need protection from criticism.”

“Sometimes a society becomes too stupid to survive,” he said to uproarious applause and cheering from the audience.
And there won't be any safe spaces when it falls...

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