Friday, February 17, 2017

Non Union Label

Democrats are scared:
Some unions, even if traditionally Democratic, have aims that align with Mr. Trump’s stated priorities: building infrastructure, rewriting trade agreements, blocking an exodus of jobs. But union leaders are in many cases scrambling to get in step with members who responded to his pro-worker rhetoric — and to tap into that energy.

The dynamic was on display earlier this week, when some employees at Boeing’s South Carolina facilities, which Mr. Trump visited Friday, spoke of a rising feeling of empowerment tied to the president’s posture and cited it as a factor in their vote for a union. (The union vote failed.) …

Progressives have groused that some blue-collar unions are willing to sell their souls for a few thousand jobs. They say that members who enthuse about the president’s ostensible victories for workers, like his efforts to block the manufacturer Carrier from sending jobs to Mexico from Indiana, are utterly blinkered. “Trickle-down economics dressed in populist garb is still trickle-down economics,” wrote Robert B. Reich, labor secretary under President Bill Clinton.
Maybe they're just tired of walking in lock-step with their union bosses?

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