Monday, February 20, 2017


Equal pay, or no way?
Green wrote a letter in response to Senate Bill 210, which focuses on equal pay and would force some employers to create a standard to determine who gets raises or not.

Green claimed that men need to make more than women so they can support their families. If women start earning more money, men’s wages will be lowered as a result, Green reasoned.

“If that happens, then men will have an even more difficult time earning enough to support their families, which will mean more Mothers will be forced to leave the home (where they may prefer to be) to join the workforce to make up the difference,” Green wrote, adding that this would hurt society at large.

Green said the outrage over the letter was so great that he chose to leave his position.

“I didn’t want to hurt the party any further,” he said. “They didn’t force me to do it. There was no coercion. I chose to step down.”
The wages of an honest opinion...

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