Friday, February 10, 2017

Reign Of The Generals

The paranoia is striking deeper every day:
Crowley said, “You know, these are millions and millions of Americans, people around the world who are really concerned, maybe that’s an understatement. They’re nervous. They’re frightened about what they see happening to the American government. And this Trump regime—I don’t call it an administration, I call it a regime. That’s how they act. They have appointed several former generals, that’s very junta-like to the rest of the world. They have billionaires who have been appointed to cabinet positions, some of whom have no experience whatsoever in the field in which they are now in charge. That’s very frightening to people.”

“Cronyism at the highest levels has many people in this country nervous and around the world as well,” he continued. “So I think there’s going to be plenty of opportunities in the future, unfortunately, for the American people to express themselves, and I think we as Democrats will be able to support that effort when we believe it’s warranted.”
And yet, many of these same people are calling for a junta of their own. So, do they want a military dictatorship, or not?

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