Friday, February 10, 2017

The Dark Money Empire

What to do about George Soros?
Under existing conditions, extradition is a long shot. Failing which, we may find applicable the principle known as Aut Dedere Aut Judicare (“Extradite or Prosecute”), a proceeding designed to deprive criminals of a safe haven which has recently been put on the agenda of the International Law Commission.

According to the Oxford Bibliographies treating of international law, the obligation to extradite or prosecute “has gradually been incorporated in numerous bilateral and multilateral treaties, which deal with different types of crimes, including ordinary offenses with an international nexus,” among other derelictions of justice. (Italics mine.) This is, admittedly, still a controversial issue, but the principle requires that a choice be made between the two alternatives. Prosecution would then become the other face of extradition.
It may be up to another country directly influenced by Soros's activity to bring charges against him. The list is long, but will there be any takers?

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