Thursday, February 09, 2017

The Renewable Pipe Dream

Why they won't work:
The key point that almost no one seems to understand about renewables, not even the energy “experts”, is that they’re only justifiable if you believe in the Climate Fairy.

There used to be another reason called “Peak Oil” – or “when fossil fuels run out” – but no one takes that one seriously any more. So the only reason we’re left with for putting up all those bat-chomping eco-crucifixes and bird-frying solar arrays is the notion that, somehow, they’re saving the planet by reducing “carbon” emissions.

No one would build these things otherwise because they’re just not commercially viable. The energy they produce is unreliable, unpredictable, intermittent, destabilising (prone to surges and lulls), environmentally damaging (from their huge concrete bases to their use of poisonous rare earth minerals), and very expensive. That’s why they have to be subsidised by taxpayers. And the only reason taxpayers subsidise them is because they’re forced to do so by government legislation which has been framed in the belief that this is a necessary measure to “combat climate change.”
If you are forced to build it, they won't come...

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