Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Town Hall Non-Meeting

When town halls become too hostile:
Rep. Tom MacArthur says his town hall schedule is on hold because he doesn’t “want to be baited into having an event that some outside group can just make a spectacle out of.’' Instead, MacArthur held a one-hour telephone town hall on Monday, where constituents were invited to call in their questions.

Town halls by GOP lawmakers have heated up since Trump’s inauguration last month. It’s also the first time there’s been Republican majorities in the House and the Senate in over 10 years.

While the majority of calls during the town hall were supportive, MacArthur fielded several questions that challenged the Trump administration’s views on border security, health care and other issues.

MacArthur was New Jersey's lone Republican to say no when the House last month overwhelmingly voted to start in motion the repeal of the Affordable Care Act.

“I voted no because, even though I believe we have to replace Obamacare, I don’t think we have to do it instantly and I think we’re going a little too fast,’’ he said in response to a question.
The left is all about free speech, until they're not...

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