Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Everybody Hypes About The Weather

The problem with weather hype:
Eight thousand flights canceled. Think of the ripple effect on economics and convenience, and… They’ll maybe get eight inches in Manhattan. Long Island’s gonna get a dusting. Washington, D.C., a dusting. Do you realize how long this forecast…? I first saw this forecast last Wednesday. I saw it on Drudge. You know, I don’t want to harp on weather services here. That’s not my point. But I tell you, maybe this is the state of journalism, but I read all these stories about this blizzard, about this unprecedented event, about the Canadian air mass that was gonna finally…

And I couldn’t find out in three different stories — when, and they couldn’t find out where. They said, “The northern Upper Plains and the eastern valley regions of the apple orchard…” Could you just tell me the cities and states where this stuff’s supposed to happen instead of all these esoteric, generic terms? So, anyway, I had no idea what, where, when, why other than the vast expanse of the Northeast was gonna have an unprecedented snow event for the month of March, and it was gonna be unprecedentedly cold.
Don't believe the hype, especially when you just need facts...

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