Wednesday, March 15, 2017

License To Chill

They don't need no stinking licenses:
Republican state Sen. Greg Albritton, the author of the bill, told WBRC-TV that the state needed to get used to the fact that gay marriage is now legal and adjust accordingly. “The recording is what establishes the marriage. OK? Not the ceremony. Not the form of the license,” he said.

Albritton also said it would ease the burden on probate judges who may feel conflicted having to sign a same-sex marriage license, which would keep the state out of any cumbersome legal battles.

“It keeps the state from making the decision of who can and cannot get married,” he said. “It prevents the state from that gate-keeper position.”

State Sen. Gerald Allen (R) agreed with the notion that it would make it easier for probate judges who feel morally conflicted.

“Just like probate judges and others that got some personal opinions about things. It takes them out of the loop so to speak,” Allen said.
Then they'd have to get real jobs...

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