Saturday, March 25, 2017

Lost In the Wilderness

That moment when you learn your show was canceled:
Over time, all but 10 contestants quit the show, The Press and Journal of Aberdeen, Scotland, reported. Those who left cited concerns about health and safety, boredom and swarms of tiny biting insects called midges.

The contestants were on an uninhabited private estate that the Ministry of Defense used as a training ground during World War II, The Radio Times of London reported. A six-foot fence was erected on three sides of the estate, with the fourth side bordered by the sea, it said.

The series was filmed with a crew of four embedded with the contestants, who also had personal cameras. A rig of 45 cameras, described by The Radio Times as a network of closed-circuit television cameras that could be controlled remotely, was also used.

Unlike American reality television shows, such as the “Survivor” series — in which contestants compete against one another — “Eden” had no winners or losers. It was intended to feature the making of a society from scratch.
At least they literally got to try it for real...

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