Saturday, March 11, 2017

Passing The Bar

The ABA likes what it sees:
Many non-lawyers do not know that the ABA is a private organization, with no governmental power or official status. Only 400,000 out of America’s 1.3 million lawyers—less than one-third—are ABA members.

Nevertheless, the ABA issues public ratings on judicial nominees. Although President George W. Bush briefly tried to discourage use of these ratings, Senate Democrats insisted on continuing to weigh those ratings when considering nominees to the federal bench.

Examples suggest that the ABA’s left-leaning ideology influences some of its judicial evaluations. However, Gorsuch has an extraordinary biography as a scholar (Ph.D. from Oxford as well as degrees for Harvard and Columbia Law School), former Supreme Court law clerk, senior Justice Department official, private litigator, and federal appeals judge. As such, experts widely expected he would receive the highest marks.
Quality always shows through...

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