Thursday, March 16, 2017

Schumer Trades In?

Where Chuck Schumer and President Trump agree?
Schumer and his fellow Senate Democrats have been criticized in recent weeks by the Trump administration for not supporting the president’s cabinet picks. The New York Democrat, however, told Fox News there are some places he would be willing to work with Trump.

“He called for the elimination of the carried interest loophole where these wall street guys pay less taxes than their secretaries,” Schumer said. “If he put that on the floor, we’d do it in a minute.”

Schumer also said that his views on trade are “closer to Trump’s than Obama or Bush,” as he voted against NAFTA in 1994.

He added that he’d be willing to work with Trump on infrastructure if there was “real money and can build real new roads.” The Senate Minority Leader, however, complained that the White House hasn’t “sent us anything on infrastructure.”
Because Trump doesn't believe in stimulus boondoggles?

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