Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Selfies Are For Women Only

It's for empowerment, or something:
The male gaze Hu refers to here is the feminist idea that many experience the world primarily from a “male” point of view in which women are objects of sexual pleasure. In Hu’s view, women taking seflies and complimenting each other on them gets rid of the male gaze, allowing women to give each other endless validation and attention.

Hu closes the column by writing, “When women take selfies, they are subverting the male gaze. When women enjoy their own beauty, they are no longer the objects of consumption but rather the subjects.”

“And when women take selfies, they make it abundantly clear that they do not need men, nor the male gaze, in order to feel beautiful.”
I thought it was just for narcissism, but that's just me...

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