Tuesday, March 07, 2017

The Business Of Globalism Is Giving Americans The Business

The bosses aren't on board:
Nearly half of American business economists say that the U.S. should ease immigration restrictions. An additional 27 percent say that President Donald Trump should leave immigration policy as it is. Just 19% think policies should be aimed at reducing the flow of immigrants into the country.

Close to 60 percent think the U.S. should expand the number of H-1B visas issued to high-skilled workers. Fifteen percent even say that their first priority when it comes to immigration is expanding the number of visas for lower-skilled workers.

Just 9 percent support increased spending on border enforcement. A tiny 5% support increased spending for deportations.

Business economists are even more opposed to proposals to impose restrictions on trade. Twenty-seven percent say there should “never” be limits placed on imports into the U.S., while around 70 percent say the U.S. should set up import barriers only “when vital industries are threatened by unfair trade practices.”
Because things have been so fair in the past...

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