Saturday, April 01, 2017

Coup By Court

Venezuela's high court decides that maybe getting rid of the country's congress might not be such a good idea after all:
El Universal newspaper reported that the court had published two “clarifications” including one that said that the National Assembly will maintain its legislative functions.

On Wednesday, the same court had said it would assume all legislative functions as it claimed the opposition-led congress was illegitimate for being in contempt of previous court rulings.

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That decision raised alarms around the region. The opposition called it a “coup,” the Organization of American States has scheduled an emergency meeting on Monday, and several Latin American countries recalled their ambassadors.

The decision even opened divisions within President Nicol├ís Maduro’s usually lock-step administration, with cabinet members and high officials suggesting the move was a violation of the constitution.

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The backlash prompted Maduro in a late night speech to ask the courts to review their decision in order to “maintain constitutional stability.”
Says the man who doesn't care about it, either...

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